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Frequently Asked Questions

Creation of your ESRF User Portal (SMIS) Account

It is not possible to validate your account
Make sure you have filled all mandatory data : both in personal data tab AND in professional data tab

Submitting AForms

You do not see your AForm, but you are sure that you should see it
This happens in the case you have several ESRF User Portal (SMIS) valid accounts, please contact the support : to check this.

It is very long to search for a user and/or to save data on the AForm
We are aware of this problem and we will try to optimize this soon.

BAG Report

Who can create or finalize a BAG report
ONLY the Main Proposer of the related proposal.

Who can modify a BAG report
Any user listed on the related proposal. ONLY the Main Proposer is allowed to finalize the report.

What does that mean if the BAG report appear locked when I open it
It means that the report is already open by another user. No modification are, therefore, allowed for you!
The report is unlocked if it is saved, or if the user holding the lock logs off the application.
The report is also automatically unlocked when the session of the user holding the lock is timed out.

Why are there some rows highlighted with an orange background in the tables of participants of my report
It is because, those people are using an SMIS account currently linked to a laboratory reference not yet approved (validated) by the ESRF User Office.

What is the impact for my report of a person linked to a "non validated" laboratory reference
When saving the report, an error will be raised. The laboratory must be validated prior to the submission of the report.

When doing a Full 2-Year report, I cannot upload files from inside the form anymore
Yes, a new version of the Full 2-Year reports have been released on February 19, 2009.
From this date, the upload of files (for the ESRF highlights) is done after saving the report.